Wild Poetry: Wild Side (By Brad Osborne)

We allow the trappings

of what we have become.

The haute couture wrappings

of an upright kingdom.

To infect how we think

and how we see ourselves.

Repressing all instinct,

where nature sits and delves.

This courtesy and tact

we present to the world.

Hides the genetic fact,

an inner beast is curled.

For even when, the most

well-mannered and well-mild

is strapped to whipping post,

he releases his wild.

We try to keep the truth

pressed underneath it all.

Yet when true self is loosed,

we are just animal.

When pushed to fight or flee,

anyone can revert.

An animal is he,

no fear of being hurt.

If his wrath should lead to

some pains or death you feared.

Karma comes back to you,

when animal is speared.

Save your societal

rules with your great protest.

Unleashed the animal,

survival for fittest.

Do not let silken cloak

deny the beast within.

If animal provoke,

there is no stopping him.

I wish to never be

that animal again.

That is my trickery

of trying to pretend.

It’s why I am quiet,

when stupid things are said.

I don’t want the regret

of where conflict has led.

I portray a kind face,

demeanor of a lamb.

Because pushed to a place,

I know well who I am.

I am a man by birth,

but inside does reside.

Keen animal alert

with a truly wild side.

By Brad of Common Sensibly Speaking

Wild Poetry

Thank you to my blogging buddy Brad for gracing us all with this wild and exquisite poem. Woot, woot! If you’ve enjoyed this poem please visit Brad’s blog and give him a follow. He dishes out lots of great poetry, short stories, and other tid-bits. He’s a great person and a good blogger to follow. 🙂
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