Darkness, Darkness, Darkness

Darkness, Darkness, Darkness

Drape nothing but black velvet before my eyes

And hide me from the reality which I’ve seen before me.

Creatures darker than the nights skies,

With terrible glowing lenses through which they see.

Ugly horrible things that prey upon the living,

They tear the fleshy sinew clear from their bones.

The blood runs crimson down these dirtied streets,

And I’m armed with not but my sticks and stones.


Riding on the high of a crippling anxiety,

Appealing to something stronger inside of me,

Or outside of me…


Praying that my heart won’t skip a beat,

To leave me as a lump of meat in the cold, cold, bloodied street.


Darkness, Darkness, Darkness

Never a man of religion before,

But now to a higher power I implore,


“Emancipate me, master!”

But, to my dismay…

I feel not more powerful than before…


Creeping down the roadside behind the brush

Heavy panting follows my every track

I move with speed yet I keep a hush

For a careful footing, I need not lack.

One wrong step could cost my neck

Between sweaty palms and eyes of fire

My heart keeps beat to the pace of the trek

And I feed the baser of my desires

To flee, or kill…

Or be killed  by these beasts…

In those damp and dark and bloodied streets…


Darkness, Darkness, Darkness

The glisten of the moon shines bright,

As I track these creatures in my sights.

The crows caw wildly as I pace,

Plodding footprints to the beat of my heart at race.

Every right step in its place,

I plead with fear,

“Dear feet… take me far from here.”


I edge my way around a corner,

And hark the cries of a widowed mourner…

Shouting from the balconies at me-

As her counterpart lay in pieces,

being eaten in those streets…


And yet her screeching

sets the monster’s eyes upon me…

Now for my flesh, they come beseeching…

Darkness, Darkness, Darkness


26 thoughts on “Darkness, Darkness, Darkness

  1. I never thought of myself as someone who liked poetry until I met you. Even as deep and dark as the imagery you portray in some poetry, I still find myself wanting more of it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The imagery your poem creates leaves an honestly thrilling image of horror. Being a horror lover myself I find your poem one of the best horrors i’ve read. You’re poem has better suspense than some novels i’ve read so I think you should keep trying at horror.
    -Poetic Raven

    Liked by 1 person

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