An Arctic Air Anoon

Snow sails softly signifying Santa soon.
Making more melodramatic meandering-
Believably, by bringing brackish boon.
Propagated peace; plus pretentious philandering,
Transformed torches tipped to the tallow.
So some sailing snows should suspect surrender.
Softening, stimulating, sickeningly shallow; solvent-
Tossing, turning till ticking times turn tender.
Free-foraging forgiveness from fearful fetid family fallows.
Breezes blow by bringing blustery blasts by bated breath,
Sovereign she shields, 
Who wields where worlds-
Be. Blowing boundlessly.
Mother, my maker, might make me move my moon.
She shudders suddenly, 
Afore an arctic air anoon. 

32 thoughts on “An Arctic Air Anoon

      1. A few areas in what we call ‘The North Country’ have been hit badly by severe flooding. Poor folk.
        The rest is typical UK November, damp, grey and gloomy (my kind of weather, but I don’t expect anyone else to enjoy it)

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      2. I think many in the USA would have a wry chuckle at the state the UK gets in when the snow gets just over shoe level and the whole nation grinds to a halt.
        There is a saying that Britian is annually suprised by bad weather in the winter.

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