Wild Poetry: Wayfarer (By Rashi Singh)


Roaming the mounts

Wandering the seven seas

There is much to explore

Much to feed his fantasies


Trysts of meandering rivers

And bridges, extending arms

To the summits encircling them

Lying vulnerably are the farms.


He maunders around places

From dales to towns

Where pines are sentinels

And the peaks form crowns.


Nature takes a woman’s ‘guise

Cascades fall in beautiful strands

Torrents intertwine as fingers

And linns reign the mystic lands.


Unquenchable is his thirst

To rove about the ranges

To unleash the vagabond within

And to experience all the changes.


Waves merge from green to azure

Grey dominates the blue sky

He has yet to see, yet to hear

The whirling gale’s first cry.


Overwhelmed at the idea

Of not living enough to see it all

He hides under a rock

Awaiting his last fall.


Drops of rain pierce the blue dome

He watches as waterfalls in rivulets

Sorrow slowly subsides like the rain

And waves break in ringlets.


The grey turns a clear blue

And sunlight dances amongst trees

They console him and push him

To see every crevice and crease.


Mountains challenge him

Streams bounce through sun rays

And the pine before him bows

‘Go ahead, Wayfarer’ it says.

By Rashi Singh

Wild Poetry

Thank you to Rashi for submitting this poem along with some of his beautiful photographs. We really appreciate your great work. Be sure to check out some of Rashi’s other poems and blog work on Fictive Finesse
Would you like to submit a poem for a spot on the “Wild Poetry” series?
Well, we would love to hear from you!
Please submit your poem, as well as a small blurb about yourself and a link to your blog to blogofthewolfboy@gmail.com. Subject: Wild Poetry Submission. 

All poetry is welcome, but preference will be given to those poems that leave us yearning for the natural world! Animals, landscapes, the human experience. Make it wild! Let’s share those poems that make us shake for something more.

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13 thoughts on “Wild Poetry: Wayfarer (By Rashi Singh)

      1. p.s. by the way the images did not show up here in the reader… just fyi. Only the last one did, the one in the Wild Poetry section just under Rashi’s poem.

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      1. Thanks Mathew. I can’t take credit, it’s a term which has been used by commentators over here since the whole Brexit thing started. It is bitter.
        Meanwhile back to matters more pleasant, the whole and images were a work of art indeed.

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