Lying Just Beyond the Mortal Light

Truth is beautiful,
Truth is good,

Good is beautiful,
Good is truth,

Beauty is good,
Beauty is truthful.


The Pinnacle of Celestial Qualities
Corrupted by humanities cross and ugly natures.
For everything that is not good, is not beautiful.
For everything that is not true, is not good.

Beauty marred only behind the fires of his basest desires,
and in the same way that a genius may recognize genius,
So is it true, that beauty recognizes the quality of beauty…

beauties both good and true;

Incompatible with popular opinion-
of what constitutes a beauty, en masse;
Neither good nor true,
and what is true and good is beautiful.

The greed,
The pride,
The arrogance,

Leaves us ugly,
false and foul.

High upon the peak of what is, sits truth.
Beauty elevates like poetry to make it something good.
The good is which makes it beautiful and true.


It soars as a turtle dove in the azure sky above,

with love and compassion,

integrity and grace.

with gratitude for finite moments;

By loving our lives or changing our lives;
to only love it more. 

To fix what is not good, for the children we outlive.

To revolutionize the ugly, into something far more splendid…

A world with fine aesthetics that exhales sweet fragrances…

To find the truth that hides behind each lie…

And to find between the three a paradise – in perfect harmony;

unobtainable; balanced;

lying just beyond the mortal light. 

29 thoughts on “Lying Just Beyond the Mortal Light

  1. On the contrary… I find that beauty can often be discovered hiding in what is seemingly ugly. Good people can do terrible things and terrible people can commit acts of love. Truth is relative in the same way that there’s no one way to be, do or live. We’re allowed love everything about ourselves… even the arrogance.

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    1. It was sort of sparked by something that my professor said to us in my British Literary Theory class about how Beauty, Goodness and Truth was said to have been unearthly qualities. That they are most perfect beyond man together in perfect unison and that the closer to man it gets the more corrupted it becomes. He was a student of Theology so he knows much more about it then I do but I thought it was an interesting idea and I see some truth to it.

      Thanks Brad. Reach out to me with another collaboration idea soon 😊

      I hope you’re well

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  2. As always, BRILLIANT! Just like YOU, Soul Brotha!!! 💛⭐️💫💫💫💫💛⭐️💫💫💫💫💛⭐️💫💫💫💫 Thanks for dropping a note …. hope you got my mail too ….. been pretty hectic with scheds too! Take care Bro! ❤️

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