The School Term Comes to an End

“Home is where you go to find solace from the ever-changing chaos, to find love within the confines of a heartless world, and to be reminded that no matter how far you wander, there will always be something waiting when you return.”
― Kendal Rob


Hey there wolfpack, I’m hoooome!
I just wanted to apologize to any of you who might have thought that I’d passed away quietly in my sleep last week. Worry not, I’m still here to pester you bloggers, new and old alike. My life has found its rhythm again, especially in the past month. I’ve found some part-time employment which has helped me a little financially, and I’m slowly beginning to get the hang of University level academics. Those damn citations I tell ya. 😛

In the past week, I’ve had to submit one short story, two essays and write an end of the term test for my psychology class. On top of all of that, I’ve had to write an article for my school paper, watch my daughter and try to make some money. So it’s been stressful, busy, and I haven’t had much time to have fun, but I appreciate all of you who still visit when I make my posts. I’m hoping to get into some more blogging in December! Also, thanks to my blogging friend Lee I will have a Behind the Author interview ready for next Tuesday, it just needs a little editing still. 😀

In other news, I’ve borderline decided that I’ll be switching my Major to Psychology, because I’ve been enjoying that and it opens up other opportunities for me in the future. It’s not a decision that I necessarily need to make before June but I love that University provides me with that sort of educational flexibility. Also, in case you were curious, the job that I’ve worked at last weekend had me assembling hand sanitizer parts at the end of a conveyor belt for 12 hours. It was mindless work, but it was also in a nearly empty building with loud machinery which is conducive to hiding my beautiful voice. So I sang and made the best of it (like a lot!) 😉

Don’t ask why this song ended up being in my head that day…

…But I sang it more times than I care to admit!

My daughter’s also been standing up with more grace and stability in the past few weeks. It won’t be long now before she’s walking and getting into everything. She’s already beginning to have those occasional mood swings too, but as a teething baby, I’d expect nothing less of her. Her hair is getting longer too and her mother’s even able to pull it together now! Check out this doll face. ❤


I was lucky enough to take the two lovely ladies out for lunch a few days ago since Christina’s birthday is coming up, and there I was blessed with a few great photographs, of me and my favourite little lady… 😀

Nova now has 4 teef!


I just wanted to say hey everyone! Please let me know if I’ve missed anything important. Drop me a link to any of your important updates or posts or just let me know what’s new with you! I hope we can all catch up soon and create some more great content together.

Thoughts? Comments? Leave them down below!


77 thoughts on “The School Term Comes to an End

      1. My real name is Elmarie, but I always blogged under the name Saro. I had to add the name Elmarie when my Dementia Mentors friends started reading my blogs. Things can get a bit confusing lol. I will repost my story about Saro. I’m doing ok as much as I can. Thanks for asking and commenting, I really appreciate it.

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  1. Welcome Home, Wolf Boy!!! You’ve been missed! No, you haven’t missed anything from down here south of your border … same ol’ same ol’ … we’re trying to get rid of the corrupt jerk in the White House, but he has hired thugs who are claiming he is ‘above the law’. Not much else going on, for the impeachment is sucking all the air out of the room. Today is Thanksgiving here in the U.S. … supposed to be a day to be thankful for … lots of things. Most people spend it eating themselves into a stupor and then watching football on the telly. We are spending it with our friends/neighbors Maha & Ali, and their three sons. They are Syrian refugees, and it is a double celebration, for just last month they earned their U.S. citizenship! Just as I am ready to renounce mine, they are thankful for theirs. Anyway … I will make the traditional turkey with all the extras, and they will make Arabic foods, and thus we blend our cultures. This has been our tradition for the past 4 years, and it is always a wonderful time, with much love and laughter. Since you guys already had your Thanksgiving last month, I will only with you a happy weekend!

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    1. Happy Thanksgiving Jill! That sounds like a great dinner to have with great people. I’m not surprised at all that you dine with Syrian refugees haha! ❤

      It seems like an open and shut case as I watch these impeachment hearings on the TV. I really hope the judges aren't corrupt as well, because it seems like they would need to basically revoke the rule of law in order to swing this.

      All the best 🙂

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      1. Thanks Mat! It was a wonderful evening spent … much love and laughter … and now I am exhausted! Tomorrow is my day to do nothing! The girls can go out and shop if they wish, but I’m staying home with a good book!

        The rule of law has been trampled so many times since Trump took office that I’ve lost count. These are frightening times here in the U.S., and nothing is certain at the moment. Sigh.

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  2. Congratulations on surviving your first semester at University! Citations are the bane of the scholar’s existence, but essential. Citation generators make the task a whole lot easier (although some faculty object to them).

    The “Ding, Fries Are Done” video would actually be very effective as part of a college marketing campaign. (Do YOU want to be this guy when you’re 40 years old??)

    How old is your little girl now? She’s very cute!

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    1. Hey Liz
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, I have survived! I’m beginning to understand citations better, and I’ve been using a generator online. That helps a lot, definitely.

      Hahah… It’s such a stupid video, I actually think my singing was a huge improvement on the song to be honest. And you’re right I don’t want to be scooping them fries in my 40s unless I own the restaurant :p

      Nova is 1 year old in a few weeks. Being a parent is starting to get really interesting now as she learns to just about walk and talk :p

      Do you have kids?


  3. Glad you are back and that you are finding your way through school majors. Must I remind you not to forget about philosophy in the psychology cloud 😁 and your daughter is soooooo cute 😍

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    1. Oh May, if I could I would consider Majoring in Philosophy, but at my campus they don’t teach anything more than the fundamentals. I would have to go to another school for that 😦

      Thank you I think she’s adorable too

      Did you ever write a post about those protests in your country? I’d love to see how that turned out.


      1. You will study philosophy later on thats not a problem. Reading philosophy books is the best way to learn philosophy.
        As for demonstration over here I wrote some blogs related to the event. But to be honest, things are so complicated over here that I feel overwhelmed. That’s why I am not writing

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      1. Well, there’s a good question Mathew. Whether there is a good answer is another matter.
        On the 12th December we will have all General Election and Member’s of Parliament will be elected (or re-elected) to their constituency ‘seats’. Who gets the most seats has the first ‘swipe’ at going to H.M. Queen Elizabeth II to ask if they might form a government.
        Then the government starts off administrating….
        Easy so far uh?
        That depends on who gets in, how many are on one side of the debate and how many are on the other….annnnnddddd…..what the European Union(EU) have to say about the latest agreement the new Government come up with.
        So that’s the easy bit……
        If the opinion polls are accurate then the current outfit with Johnson as Prime Minster, should in theory have enough MPs to get their Brexit agreement through Parliament to the EU….
        Are you ok there?
        Depending on…..
        What a minute, let me illustrate the argument better with this:

        There! That’s better isn’t it?🥴

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  4. Adorable baby alert. Is she one yet? Or will this be her first Christmas?
    Also, Psychology? That’s a hard left turn! But an exciting one. When will you make the final jump?


    1. This will be her second Christmas but she’s still not one quite yet. 😉 Thanks Vee… And yeah, Psych. Literary criticism isn’t the same as writing for fun 🤷‍♂️. I write a lot and think a lot about mental health anyways plus it affects life. I find it interesting.

      How’ve you been?


      1. Things are good. I think. I hope! Fingers crossed. Vague, I know, but I’m trying to not say too much right now in case the world throws me more disappointment.

        Psych sounds like an awesome idea. I think you’d be really great at that!

        Doing the math… if it’s a second Christmas and she’s not one yet, that means you’re planning a birthday party too?

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      2. Yes mam. She will have a birthday party and a Christmas party all within two weeks of each other. She will be spoiled this time of year 😊

        Thanks for checking in. Best of luck with your hunt for a good fitting job.


  5. Such a lovely princess!!! You’ve been awesomely blessed with your Jewel! 💎💕🥰

    And wow I love Psychology! It provides huge opportunity for valuable instrospection (which you’re great at) and a deeper respect and appreciation for others (their mindsets, behaviors, and all….) ❤️


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      1. Haha, well hockey is the only exception! The Chicago Blackhawks had a great run there from 2010-2015, picked up 3 Stanley Cups, so that was a lot of fun to watch! Since then though there’s been very little success in The Windy City

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