An Ode to Spring

As I close my eyes–I conjure up–a bright n’ warm Spring day,
where I watch a grassy meadow roll–like the waves that churn the sea.
And I spend time fawning over flowers beneath the canopy of a mighty tree,
then while I sit there, budding blossoms bloom, to fill the air with their perfume.
And I sight countless creatures leaving burrows after revival from their slumbers,
then virility takes their instincts’ lead to keep their breeds from losing numbers.
And somewhere inside, I feel inspired, by sweet music from a fowls’ choir,
while a soft Spring rain–rules the beat–as it taps upon the damp terrain.
Of all the seasons on this Earth, it is the Spring that gives life birth,
and that is why, for many reasons, Spring will always be a special season.











31 thoughts on “An Ode to Spring

      1. I’ve been well. I went to a poetry reading yesterday given by two editors from The Woven Tale Press. Luckily I had enough money in my wallet to go home with a signed copy of one of their books.

        We all go through peaks and valleys with our writing. I like to think of the valleys as fields lying fallow. The soil needs to replenish itself for new plants to grow.

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    1. It was 15 degrees where I am in Ontario today. Global warming makes Winter a breeze now and I’m not getting as much use out of my Winter tires. I’m glad I never bought a snowmobile. Thanks for your message, I hope you’ve been well too.

      Are you sick of covering the crazy politics yet? I keep watching stuff about it on TV like it’s the Kardashians or something but I’m almost deflated by global progression with humanity.

      Anyways, sorry for the long message! 😁

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      1. That’s almost exactly what it was here yesterday, too. It has been quite a mild winter, but of course that isn’t necessarily a good thing.

        Yes, I am beyond sick of the crazy politics, but … I also see the dangers of turning away, or becoming complacent or inured to the craziness, so … I keep on doing what I do. Sigh.

        Stay well, Mat, and stay in touch!

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