The Coronavirus Pandemic is Upon Us

“Temper us in fire, and we grow stronger. When we suffer, we survive.”
― Cassandra Clare

The Pandemic

I’m going to crack my recent silent streak now that the virus has obliterated the rest of University term and reduced it to some online lessons. I suppose that Summer break has come early for some of us, and it seems that its not that type of break that is a lot of fun for the global majority. At a time when people are struggling just to survive, buried under loans and just barely making ends meat, a pandemic makes the lives of the working class person even harder, and toilet paper worth more than gold.


Fortunately for us in Canada, our government is taking measures to help with daycare, unemployment expenses, mortgage and interest help, and possibly other things with a generous fiscal package to be detailed soon. Our neighbours down South seem to be getting a little help as well with Coronavirus-related medical expenses to be covered by the United States government (which is the only morally conscionable thing to do,) but it did seem to take some fighting to get there.

Ontario has now confirmed over 100 positive cases of Coronavirus (covid-19) here so far. Many more cases are expected to come in the following weeks and months, large events are being cancelled and elementary schools are closed for three weeks. The grocery stores look like they have been looted before the coming of the apocalypse. I really should have bought a katana incase people started turning into zombies, but alas, I’ve not the funds to do so (feel free to donate a katana to my blog by contacting me here.)

“I’m ready for you, brain lickers…”

Many of the people that I’ve spoken to about the virus in the past few weeks have taken the coming pandemic very lightly, and admittedly, I was uncertain at first… However, after doing some research it seems that there is quite a lot of reason to be concerned or at the very least, not entirely complacent. Although this disease is only moderately more deadly to young adults, it is much more dangerous to our elder populations, and there are no vaccines or anti-viral drugs developed for the illness right now making everyone more vulnerable. To top that all off, it seems that this coronavirus is also more contagious and more likely to cause respiratory failure due to lung inflammation and its stiffening effects; this means that if the spread happens rapidly people could die because of a lack of artificial respirators in our hospital systems. Here’s a chart I borrowed from Business Insider showing how the Coronavirus compares to the flu according to data acquired by the CDC in China:

The troubling part about this disease is that we are likely stuck with it now going forward, in the same way that we’ve been stuck with the flu year after year as a norm. So if you’re young, healthy and feel that the coronavirus doesn’t concern you because you’ll probably just end up with mild symptoms, please think of your grandparents and other vulnerable people who you may end up spreading the disease to as well. We need to look out for each other right now by looking out for ourselves and for our personal hygiene.

To all of my readers out there and to all of my fellow bloggers, stay safe and let’s all get through this together. Hopefully, this virus will poke even more holes in the idea that the government need not socialize our systems for the benefits of the working class, because it only takes one pandemic like this to endanger the livelihood of so many good people (while the rich have nothing to worry about.)

How’s your country treating the novel coronavirus outbreak?

Do you feel safe? Leave a comment down below!

58 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Pandemic is Upon Us

  1. I’m a nurse in the US and I feel like we’re getting no help. It took so long for anyone to even take things seriously, and now they’re shutting everything down and telling everyone to stay in, but not helping people get through this. It’s an awful situation with so many unseen consequences!

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    1. I feel for you! It sounds like you’re going to be hit by the problem twice as hard being a nurse. I’ve also heard you’re lacking the safety equipment you need for your health professionals down there. I hope they get there shit together ASAP

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  2. Well, here in the U.S. they are doing what they always do. A lot of talking and little action. As you stated, we have passed a economical package to insure everyone can get tested for free, but they still have not dealt with treatment of those infected or wages for those most impacted by business closure. It feels like we are ill-prepared. Or at least they are, as I have a katana for every day of the week. When the zombies start, I have you covered in the katana department! That is about all I can add without becoming completely angry at our political system and the general nature of today’s society where everyone is about looking out for themselves, especially when the shit hits the fan.

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    1. Haha, okay Brad I’m road tripping it to you when the biters appear. Rumors have it that we are headed for an eventual complete economic shutdown when this thing peaks. So far factories havent been affected here which I think is strange. I’ve also heard Jeff Bezos asked his employees to share their sick time with each other rather than helping. What a PoS. 😝

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      1. I have some beautiful Damascus blades waiting to be blooded. Do zombies have blood? Oh well, guess we will find out. Here factories have not shut down yet either, but it feels we are on the brink of this getting really weird. A not unlikely series of events could plunge us into fear-fueled anarchy. Bezos could pay everyone of his employees for three months personally and never feel the pinch. Definitely a PoS! Stay safe and keep an eye out for the dead heads! ⚔

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    1. A lot of people seem to feel no responsibility though. That’s why strong government is needed. Some businesses are still putting profits first too. Like why are Walmarts still open??? You might not know what those are but huge retail chains

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  3. As the virus hit, everyone who lives in my country is in high alert, nobody goes outside without a surgical mask on their faces here, and when you sneeze or cough, or even sniffle your nose in public, people avoid you like you’d been diagnosed with the plague…

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  4. Great post! I like how you pointed out that the pandemic affects the working class in a more challenging way (I feel like news coverage about the pandemic neglects this point). I live in the U.S. and our government is not doing much. Luckily I live in Massachusetts, and our state government is responding reasonably (but the federal government should be doing more – the responsibility should not be pushed onto state governments).

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    1. Yeah it’s scary how strong some of your state’s responses are and how weak others are. It definitely hampers the American effort to contain the virus. Unfortunately your Macaroni in Chief made things worse like he always does 😝

      Thanks for commenting Hannah. I hope some help comes for you all soon and you manage to stay safe! 🤗


  5. It’s funny I just posted a take on this situation as well. I think this all feels like the sci-fi movies/books, but it’s real….and I work with elderly people professionally and I too in the beginning was really unmoved, but the more I thought about my responsibility to not get the virus to protect the people I work with, it felt rather jarring. And a sort of heaviness. I’m in the US and I genuinely hope my country comes to together to slow the spread but I remain skeptical and will do what I can. All we can each do is our best.
    The strangest realization of all of this is that the world will never be the same after this event, and I say that not to scare anyone but because it’s true. This is going to leave a massive financial foot print on top of all the other awful pieces and in truth, someday there could easily be another virus so we need to get our poop together and sort it out.
    If you have time to read mine, That would be awesome, I think right now the space of internet has become really important as we are distant but can all socialize quite safely.
    May the force be with you!!

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    1. I will definitely check it out when I get the chance! I’m glad you’re writing about it. It’s sad to learn that the USA once had an amazing pandemic response team in place but it was disassembled by Trump because it was a creation of the Obama era. 😑

      I hope that if things are never the same again, that we atleast see some change for the better! I hope you stay safe. 🤗


  6. In our country people are avoiding to hug or handshake anyone instead they are doing namaste due to the terror of Corona. Luckily our Prime Minister has taken appropriate steps for the prevention of Corona virus.

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  7. Ugh, I’m so angry at the mass panic this caused. Yes, we should absolutely take it seriously and care for the most vulnerable. But good GRIEF people have gone absolutely nuts! I just don’t understand. However, I’ve been keeping a favorite Marcus Aurelius quote in mind:
    “When anything tempts you to feel bitter: (think) not ‘This is misfortune’ but ‘To bear this worthily is good fortune’.”

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  8. Matthew, I cannot thank you enough for emphasizing the importance of thinking of others’ health, even when you yourself are healthy and at low risk! It means the world. My husband, Campbell, has Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. According to and the CDC, he is at the highest risk of all, even more so than the elderly and other cancer patients because his has a chronic (i.e. indefinite) illness, a blood/bone marrow cancer, and he takes chemo medication everyday, so his immune system is shot. But we’re not afraid. Cautious and taking preventative measures, but not afraid. Which is, I will be the first to admit, miraculous, strange, and wondrous.
    This morning we decided to do self-isolation for the whole family. Thankfully, we recently moved out into the country on 3.5 acres in a beautiful little rental. It’s a hillside hideaway in the central Texas Hill Country…so gorgeous and peaceful and quiet where the horizon rolls ever on with gentle evergreen hills, the sky is filled with stars, and the only sounds are wind in the leaves and birdsong on the air. We could not be in a more perfect place for solitude. And incredibly (I just realized this yesterday), we found this property and filled out an application on December 31st of 2019…the day China first reported a cluster of cases of pneumonia in people associated with the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan. (The virus was already discovered and announced, just not the link to pneumonia.)
    God’s timing is perfect, even if we’re only here for a time. We have so much to be thankful for.
    I also very much appreciated your concern over the financial struggles of others. Thank God, Campbell can work from home and I already work at home. Also, in San Antonio and maybe the whole state, they are about to shut down all of the public schools for the remainder of the school year (and if they don’t, we will be transferring our kids to homeschooling to keep our family isolated for Campbell). Which means all six of us get to spend precious time together! I feel spoiled. Our four kids are in that perfect age bracket of six to thirteen. Our thirteen-year-old is (shockingly) the least dramatic out of all of them, ha! And they play together very well. Siblings still, of course, lol, but genuinely love each other. Which is a gift beyond words.
    We are grateful.
    Blessings, and I pray you and your family stay healthy.

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    1. It sounds like you might have some great bonding time ahead for you and your family and I suppose, regardless of the circumstances, that’s something to be thankful for. I wish you all safety and good health. Thanks for your comment Mandy. Your home sounds lovely. ❤

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  9. Hey Mat,

    Hope you and baby girl and the rest of your family and friends are all staying self, healthy and at home where possible. Sending you solidarity.

    It’s a madhouse out here in BC. Just trying to stay sane amidst the chaos.

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    1. Hey Vee sorry it took me so long to reply. I’ve been swamped with school full time online and having to watch Nova every day due to Corona isolation. Can’t work either. How are you handling this pandemic?


  10. Stay safe my friend, this is all truly a nightmare and I pray for everyone’s safety. Glad Canada is taking great precautions. I live in the USA and some states here are on complete lockdown, the rest are in quarantine. Schools/colleges have been shut down, all non-essential businesses have been greatly restricted. It’s eerie seeing empty shelves, people walking around covering their faces, tape on the floors telling us where to stand, plastic shields covering staff at the stores. I know all of these precautions will help the globe get over this one day soon hopefully. We will beat this! 🙏

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    1. Yes, wishing the best for you too! I’m glad that the United States is taking this seriously and not about to send everyone back to work by Easter. Yikes!!!

      I hope you like video games or watching movies, lots of time to do that sort of thing now! Thanks for leaving a comment. 🙂

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  11. This explanation was written by a doctor in the Midlands in England and elaborates on why some people get mild symptoms while others become critically ill:

    It’s also got a lot of helpful advice for families that are self-isolating.

    I’ve been following all the news, updates and advice, but no one has really been focusing on viral load, which is strange because it makes an awful lot of sense.

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  12. Since it just kind of got into my country, Federal government, state governors and officially bodies have began taken up some responsibility, setting up quarantine centres, probably donating food, we get text messages every day telling is to stay indoors, practice social distancing etc. We hope this comes to an end soon

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  13. So far, we are asked to stay indoors and self isolate in my country. Me and my family have been covering our social welfare bills by our self, same with most individuals. I pay for my internet subscription, when no electricity, we buy fuel to power the house, we stocked up out fridges. We are just waiting, no salaries, no stipends, nothing. Hopefully it changes soon.

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