Pandemic Poem: The Melancholy Solitude

Sunlight washes over these hushed and empty city streets
no longer pumping life downtown with that economic heartbeat.
And the birds, they sing more clearly now, that the humans have gone away,
while wild animals reclaim some pride in freer days of joyful play.

Forced to live more privately and with greater care for others,
humans slip in self-defense to act more like worthy sisters/brothers.
Yet the selfishness and greed of some is laid bare for all to see,
as their gold holds to them a greater value, than the lives of you or me.

Introverts rejoice that video games aren’t frowned upon so much, 
and being social with your friends is status quo when you can’t touch.
Pets at home are loved too much, and parents are stuck at home without a choice;
scientists, once undervalued, have finally found an audience for their voice;
social benefits come for the needy after being overlooked for much too long, 
and the homeless now kept off the streets are treated like they belong.

This virus strikes in deadly waves claiming vulnerable lives all for its own,
but the rich just want us back to work since profits feed their hearts of stone.
Mother Earth is calmed since consumption of her resources have faded,
and climate change is now less impacted, by those poisons, all man-made.

I see the good and bad in this, 
even with all these twists and turns.
The end of an era and another begins,
aided by the fear of death,
and human rights concerns…

I hope we use this tragedy to carry us further,
into a better, fairer world with renewed fervor. 

Note: If you have a pandemic-inspired poem that you would like to share, please email me at Include your name, blog URL and share a little about yourself. Wishing you all the best!

36 thoughts on “Pandemic Poem: The Melancholy Solitude

  1. Wow… it struck a cord from the first line and held me painfully tight till the end. This is such a strong and wonderful piece.

    I will work on my piece and send it to you. Hopefully it rival this. But I’m a bit breathless from reading, so I’m doubting myself.

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    1. You’re sweet Jessica. It’s just what came to my head after spending so much time thinking about this whole situation. There’s no competition, I’m just interested in seeing everyone’s unique perspectives 😉


      1. Thanks Mathew! 😁 I know it’s not for competition but just a view from, yeah as you said, someone else perspective, but hey I can’t help it. I always feel nervous writing about the same topic as everyone Haha 😄

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  2. The uncertain impact of the Corona pandemic in the future seems to be brought out here as a foremost concern. Rule #1 – Never elect a ruthlessly corrupt businessman to run a country initially comes to mind.

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    1. Bahahah. Who would have thought, right? But then again that takes a certain amount of common sense to realise. I’m sure a ton of his supporters still believe Democrats unleashed the virus in China to hurt Donald Trump lol


  3. I like the rhythm, not just of the poem but the ideas expressed. I wrote a pandemic series on my blog — a 12 week set of haikus from the perspectives of my sisters and I living in different countries

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