Pandemic Poem: Look for the Artists (By Kristian Weigman)

Colorful cities have faded to black
and foolish souls see need for attack
fear and greed, anger and riots
Sit down! Stay home! Wash your hands! Be quiet!

In times of darkness we must look for the artists
pay attention to the lessons they’ve taught us
When problems can’t be fixed by you or me
words of wisdom whisper “Let it be”

And time we know is always fleeting
yet history finds itself repeating
and though this seems it will forever last
the artists teach us “This too shall pass”

We stay indoors and bid goodnight to the moon
to save remaining souls from leaving too soon
it’s hard to find hope when tears are left undried
but Don McClean still sang, “the day the music died”

Look for the art, there’s still so much to be thankful for
but if you want to see it, you must first open the door
love is best taught through the eyes of pain
but there is always time to learn how to “sing in the rain.”

Thank you to my wonderful friend and blogging buddy Kristian Weigman for this awesome pandemic poem with us. If you haven’t befriended her already, check out her blog and see what she’s up to over at life lessons around the dinner table. You can visit her page now by clicking here.

If you’d like to share a poem that you’ve written about your pandemic experience, please e-mail it to me at

Take care everyone. Straight from the wolf’s mouth: 
Be cautious, stay healthy, stay fearless.

Thoughts? Comments? Leave them down below!

16 thoughts on “Pandemic Poem: Look for the Artists (By Kristian Weigman)

  1. I have been following Kristian since your ‘Behind the Author’ interview with her. She is an exceptional writer, photographer, and all around creative spirit. This composition does not disappoint. Glad you could share her work with your readers. Take care, my friend!

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