The Wolf Boy Returns

“If today is not your day,
then be happy
for this day shall never return.
And if today is your day,
then be happy now
for this day shall never return.”

Kamand Kojouri

Hey there wolf cubs, it’s been a while!

As some of you may know, I have been spending some time writing on another blog of mine about the interesting philosophies that I’ve learned about at Under the Philosotree. However, even there I’ve dried up in regards to my writing and have stagnated.

A lot has been happening in my life lately. I’m engaged in a custody battle for my daughter, I’ve been working full-time for the past few months and I’m still trying to date/read/write/spend time with Nova as much as possible. Besides all of that, my studies will be commencing again this Tuesday and I’m also attempting to get a formal diagnosis for my High-Functioning Autism (which is frustratingly difficult in Canada since it isn’t covered by our free healthcare). The government, I suppose, feels like addressing the symptoms of an adult who may be on the spectrum is more important than actually getting a person formally diagnosed since they have been able to manage until later in life anyways. But it feels important to me anyways and I’d like to write about it much more.

The summer has come and gone in a blur of masks, mass panic and long lineups, but also with calm, silence and solitude. I’m not sure if many of you out there have taken up gardening this year, but I have and although my crops didn’t yield much it was a great learning experience. I hope to return to this hobby every year in the future, because it gives me so much pleasure.

I still continue to monitor the events down South where all of my brothers and sisters from America are doing their best to create a better system in which they can thrive, rather than only being able to survive. My support is entirely with the American people and I am wishing them a swift recovery from their severe corona-virus outbreak, as well as a revolution of sorts inside of their political system so that the government better represents the will of the people as a whole (easier said than done, of course).

Already an embarrassing Dad! ❤

How have all of you been? How have you spent your Summer so far?

Looking forward to interacting with you all again! Take care. 🙂

28 thoughts on “The Wolf Boy Returns

  1. Hey! Welcome back. Great photo and I wish you luck in all things. Me and mine are safe and well but we are still taking precautions which is difficult but necessary. Glad you are back. And love the photo header and quote.🙂

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      1. I am fine, better than a lot of people here.. yes I still teach online. I subscribed to your site 😊 I checked it quickly. It looks nice and the content is great.. will dig deeper.
        Glad to hear from you.. don’t disappear 😊

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  2. Good to read something from you again, my brother! My year has held returning to work, which was quite a transition after enjoying a few years out of the rat race. Love, romance, and sex all seem to still be down the road for me, so I have focused on friends and family. I have navigated the odd world we live in now as best as I could. I hope you can get the diagnosis you are seeking to put a face on your most difficult times. And I am sorry to hear that you must fight to have your daughter in your life. I hope for you the best in that regard! I remember you said you were planting a few things in the garden. I am glad this year has brought you some joy from your endeavor. Growing the food we eat gives a true sense of connection to the planet we live on. Love the photo of the two of you! And I look forward to reading when your time permits the writing. Good to hear from you and I am here if you need me for anything!

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    1. Hey Brad, great to hear from you again! I’m joining you in the solo department far away from love and romance :p. I’m glad you’re making deep and meaningful connections with those around you. I’ve been trying to do the same.

      My crop of veggies was pretty disappointing hahah. I’ve had a handful of cherry tomatoes, some hot chilli peppers and banana peppers, and it looks like my weed plant may produce some nice buds but that’s about it. Better luck next year I guess!

      I look forward to chatting with you more too 🙂 Ditto if you ever need me.

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  3. it’s nice to see you back, and I wish you the best with your custody battle, your autism diagnosis, and the start of school. You’ve got a lot going on! And fingers crossed that the U.S. finds a kinder, gentler way of doing things…

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  4. It’s good to hear from you, Mat and catch on your doings. My husband and I are still sheltering in place here in the Granite State, with regular forays onto the back roads of New Hampshire and Vermont for exploration and photo ops. I’m surprised at how many dirt roads there still are in northern New England. Thank you for your good wishes us here in the US. We’re in a very bad way.

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  5. Yep. I heard from Simon about your new site…( haven’t visit yet) sorry to hear all your struggles. I hope that all these damn depressing lockdown get over soon. Beautiful photo… the caption matched Nova’s expression perfectly 😂

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