Emotions in Motion – A Book of Poetry

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Description:Emotions in Motion – A Book of Poetry is a roller coaster ride of human emotions through poetry which crosses into prose at times. The goal of writing these poems was to expose deep and true human emotion in its raw form, and not just the happy emotions. Some of these poems are based upon my life but many are works of fiction or slightly exaggerated reality, the truth is all in the emotion.. May some of these poems bring you comfort in times of difficulty. May some remind you that you’re not alone, no matter how dark your life may be. May some bring you joy and give you the warmth of love when you’re feeling cold. May some bring you hope and may others just make you laugh.”

Note from the Author: This book of poetry was self-published in 2019 as a compilation of multiple poetry projects that I had released here on Blog of the Wolf Boy. The goal was to create a hard copy for my daughter as she aged, as well as to help fund the blog in some small way – if any of my supporters were wanting to contribute. A lot of time and care was put into the creation of this book, the aesthetics and the editing so that every dollar hopefully feels well-spent. Thank you for supporting my writing!

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