Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

Everywhere I look lately, there lingers a certain resonance of a particular theme – fear, uncertainty, and doubt. People are stockpiling groceries in case of supply shortages; people are pouring money into crypto to avoid a traditional financial collapse; politics are polarized and opposing parties both describe their opposition as Hitler-like. What the hell is going on with us as a species?

Vaccination fears, COVID-19 fears, the robot revolution, asteroids, Donald Trump. I do not expect things to go back to normal any time soon, but aren’t we an utterly pathetic species at the moment? The common cohesion and reason necessary to keep human society operating at maximum efficiency, has been disintegrating for decades now and there’s a lot of blame to go around. Until, as a species, we can pool our collective knowledge, wisdom, and abilities together, we will remain a danger unto ourselves and our future prosperity.

These days, most of us seem to be feeling desperate for something: money, safety, “freedom” (mostly money). Why is our system so broken? And why are we all so desperate? How much worse do things need to get before they finally get better again?

Note: Step away from social media. Keep your focus on the day ahead, and again, on where you want to be in 5 years. Make everything else indifferent to you. Stop giving a shit about the latest tweet or aggravating news story, and begin to critically assess the ideas and beliefs which are commonly floated around from person to person – assess the authors and the motivations of all of the information you receive. Who are the true and genuine ones? Who are the insincere and contriving others? Celebrate the former, and disconnect from the latter.

Just remember… We’re all humans… And we all share that something which makes us all both unique and alike… Our humanity… And our energy is best served by problem-solving as a group rather than committing slow suicide. Something greater lies ahead on the other end of this challenge, but first, we need to believe that, and then reinforce those beliefs with action.

It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live.

Marcus Aurelius

10 thoughts on “Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

  1. We are all, affected by, what’s, going on all around us in the world, with, so much, uncertainty, of the future, it’s only natural, we feel, fear, but, we can’t, let this, feeling of, fear, take control, of, our, lives, we must, keep going, in our, day-to-day lives, as, normal, as we, possibly, can.

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  2. Well said, my friend. The world today is one filled with controversy, pettiness, bigotry and hatred and it is not a world I recognize. Far too many people believe their ‘rights’ supersede all others, that the ‘common good’ no longer matters, and they are willing to use violence as a means to their end. And you’re right … people need to step away from the likes of Twitter and Facebook, not to mention Fox “News” and do some research on their own, learn about history. Common sense has flown out the window in many places and by many people and I’m not sure how to get them to listen to reason, to think on their own rather than believing what they are told by greedy, unscrupulous vultures. Sigh. We are on a very slippery slope, not just here in the U.S., but in many nations ’round the globe, and I’m not sure how or when it ends, but humans seem intent on self-extinction … and maybe that would be a good thing for the other species on this planet.

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    1. It’s ironic when you begin to think that perhaps extinction would be the best thing for everyone. *face palm*

      If there are aliens out there watching us right now, I sure hope they intervene soon. Hahah. Please, oh please!

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      1. Yes, it’s both ironic and a sad statement about the human species. If there are aliens out there watching us, they are probably so busy laughing that they haven’t given a thought to rescuing us!

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  3. I agree there is an underlying and pervasive sentiment of fear in our lives. You offer great advice on staying focused on our shared hopes, but I worry we have, as a society, become much too self-centered to work together in the way that may be needed to right the ship. It seems like getting to where we are was an easy sled ride down the hill and getting back to who we were is the long, arduous climb to the top again. Great post, my friend!

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    1. We are the spoiled children of the Earth. We haven’t experienced a lot of horrors in the way that our ancestors have, and unfortunately, since most of us are unwilling to pursue wisdom without facing adversity, it looks like we are creating our own horrors so that we can create a tougher population once again, filled with wisdom through the trauma of conflict and danger. I feel like we’re still only somewhere in the middle, or perhaps even at the beginning, of what the history books will lay out as a humanitarian crisis before things get better still.

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