The Adventure of a Lifetime (Inspired by Christopher McCandless)

When I was a fresh high-school graduate, I followed the status quo and picked a college program to jump into before I’d even really known what I wanted to do for a living. How can you know without experience? I jumped into a Police Foundations program, probably because I’d spent my life watching way too … Continue reading The Adventure of a Lifetime (Inspired by Christopher McCandless)

New Orleans And Being Absolutely Terrified

Back in 2009, I was enrolled in a Police Foundations program. It was the final year of my course and we had one big trip planned to kick it all off. Our teacher had decided to organize a trip down to New Orleans to spend a week with Habitat for Humanity to help build homes for those less fortunate. With a taste for adventure in my blood, I quickly signed up to join in on the fun and to earn the right to list some charitable work on my future resume. When the time came, I drove a group of my classmates down to Louisiana to participate in Habitat for Humanity for one week.

What I Learned Living in France for Two Months

“How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?”  ― Charles de Gaulle France Back in 2013, I was just finishing up my 2-year backpacking stint through Australasia and I was preparing to head back to Canada with my girlfriend at the time. It didn't end up being a great relationship, or even … Continue reading What I Learned Living in France for Two Months

I Spent Three Weeks In Thailand, And Here’s What I Learned

Arriving In Bangkok My trip didn't start well in Thailand, in fact, I don't suspect it could start off much worse then it did. If it had turned out any worse, I probably would have been making some sort of ransom call back home to Canada while tied to a chair in a dingy wet basement. … Continue reading I Spent Three Weeks In Thailand, And Here’s What I Learned

My Experience Backpacking Across New Zealand And What I’ve Learned

It was 2011 and I was fresh out of college, working in a shitty retail chain which rhymes with Mall Tart. I also didn't have much clue as to what to do for the rest of my life because I had studied Police Foundations for 2 years and then decided that it wasn't for me. So, I just saved as much money as I could in 7 months. Then I took off overseas on a Working Holiday Visa to live and play in New Zealand. It was the most daring moment of my young adult life because I had never done anything so adventurous before. There was a mix of both excitement and fear in me.

Hiking the Queen Charlotte Track in New Zealand

Back when I was exploring New Zealand in 2011, the most adventurous thing that I had ever done was hike the Queen Charlotte Track with an Irish man, whom I had just met a few weeks prior. We went out to a track that runs 71km from the end of a highway, out towards the ocean through rolling hills surrounded by a sound (or seawater). It was probably the highlight of my backpacking experience, over those 2 years I spent abroad because I was feeling adventurous, but I knew not what the fuck I was doing and that will become apparent in the story to come!