What I Learned Living in France for Two Months

“How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?”  ― Charles de Gaulle France Back in 2013, I was just finishing up my 2-year backpacking stint through Australasia and I was preparing to head back to Canada with my girlfriend at the time. It didn't end up being a great relationship, or even … Continue reading What I Learned Living in France for Two Months

My Experience Backpacking Across New Zealand And What I’ve Learned

It was 2011 and I was fresh out of college, working in a shitty retail chain which rhymes with Mall Tart. I also didn't have much clue as to what to do for the rest of my life because I had studied Police Foundations for 2 years and then decided that it wasn't for me. So, I just saved as much money as I could in 7 months. Then I took off overseas on a Working Holiday Visa to live and play in New Zealand. It was the most daring moment of my young adult life because I had never done anything so adventurous before. There was a mix of both excitement and fear in me.