Of Tree Tops and Flying Beasts

Lost again in the confines of the tall pines, The river rushing hurriedly shields me - from the murmurings of my own mind. The bounty of nature heals me, as I search for not, but what I might find. A cold wind brushes my back, and plays upon the straps - of my bright yellow … Continue reading Of Tree Tops and Flying Beasts


Hiking the Queen Charlotte Track in New Zealand

Back when I was exploring New Zealand in 2011, the most adventurous thing that I had ever done was hike the Queen Charlotte Track with an Irish man, whom I had just met a few weeks prior. We went out to a track that runs 71km from the end of a highway, out towards the ocean through rolling hills surrounded by a sound (or seawater). It was probably the highlight of my backpacking experience, over those 2 years I spent abroad because I was feeling adventurous, but I knew not what the fuck I was doing and that will become apparent in the story to come!