Wild Poetry: Autumn (By Sarika)

Beneath the wistful skies, I behold... the sight of auburn autumn, on my threshold... Sweeping strokes of the whistling winds, brushing my cheeks.... Under fading warmth of the sun and air, so bleak... Once brimming with youth, the sunflowers bold.... Now stooping down, growing old.... Once swooning in verdant luscious foliage.... the lovelorn trees now, standing bare … Continue reading Wild Poetry: Autumn (By Sarika)

Life’s Silk Curtain Drops Ft. Brad – Common Sensibly Speaking

The Silk Curtain Drops (The Wolf Boy's Poem) The silk curtain gently drops The ticking of the clock stops The last glass of fresh water Last breath before the slaughter A fading smile from a loved child A million memories run wild All consuming lack of everything All-knowing void of anything Recycle ingredients, soul by … Continue reading Life’s Silk Curtain Drops Ft. Brad – Common Sensibly Speaking

The Rise and Fall of Marcus and Addison (Addison’s Perspective)

Kristian did an amazing job doing the other half to my story about the Rise and Fall of Marcus and Addison! Check it out!

Life Lessons From Around the Dinner Table

Last week Mathew, author of Blog of The Wolf Boy posted this beautiful story about Marcus & Addison from Marcus’ point of view. He opened it up for anyone who wanted to tell Addison’s side of the story, so I thought I would give it a shot.

Here is the link to Mathew’s original post, where he tells Marcus’ side of things.

Marcus’ Story



Life is funny sometimes. One minute you think you have life figured out, you are chasing your dreams and living your best life, but then the universe decides to throw you a curve-ball, making you question everything you thought you knew you wanted, and longing for something you didn’t even realize you were missing, or in Addison’s case, someone.

Addison was living the dream, traveling to local cities and towns around the area she grew up in, playing at different bars and pubs. She fell…

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The Rise and Fall of Marcus and Addison (Marcus’s Perspective)

Marcus People have always said that opposites attract, and Marcus had never believed it up until the point that he met Addison. They seemed to be from different worlds, but somehow found pleasure in exploring the worlds inside each other. Marcus was a quieter type of guy. He was a computer programmer for a startup … Continue reading The Rise and Fall of Marcus and Addison (Marcus’s Perspective)